Chain of Command

Archon Prince:

Hans Davion

Melissa Steiner
Marshal of the Armies:

Morgan Hasek-Davion
Head of State Command:

Nondi Steiner
Rank: Field Marshal

"The Pride of Tamar"

Regiment CO:
Harrison Bradford
Rank: Marshal

"The Royal Irish"
5th Battalion CO:

Meredith Perry

Rank: Kommandant
Callsign: Nirgali

Timeline: Notable Events
2913: 3rd Succession War
2913: Freedom Defense
3005: Summer Defense
3019: Hesperus Defense
3028: Upgraded to an RCT
3028: 4th Succession War
3028: Gotterdammerung
3039: War of 3039
3039: Freedom Defense 

3rd Royal Guards - Recruiting Office

While everyone is welcome to apply, I wish to formally invite all veteran's and associates of Killdare's gaming groups, from AOL MPBT to Mechwarrior 4 and everything in between as well as veterans of the Legion of Terror and Vae Victis (a.k.a. Fae Victus) of Aggramar. Again, all others are welcome to apply, but you will need to pass a trial period. Please fill out the following form and be as verbose as you want. We aren't looking for people who have no interest in investing a little time.

 Early Morning
 Late Night
 Early Morning
 Late Night
 BattleTech Tabletop
 BattleForce Tabletop
 MechWarrior Dark Age
 MechWarrior RPG Series
 Multiplayer BattleTech: EGA
 Multiplayer BattleTech: Solaris
 Multiplayer BattleTech 3025
 Battletech PC Series
 MechWarrior 2
 MechWarrior 2: Netmech (Kali)
 MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries
 MechWarrior 3
 MechWarrior 3: Mercenaries
 MechCommander 2
 MechAssault (Xbox)
 MechAssault 2 (Xbox)
 MechWarrior: Living Legends
 MechWarrior Online Preordered
 Others not listed

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