Chain of Command

Archon Prince:

Hans Davion

Melissa Steiner
Marshal of the Armies:

Morgan Hasek-Davion
Head of State Command:

Nondi Steiner
Rank: Field Marshal

"The Pride of Tamar"

Regiment CO:
Harrison Bradford
Rank: Marshal

"The Royal Irish"
5th Battalion CO:

Meredith Perry

Rank: Kommandant
Callsign: Nirgali

Timeline: Notable Events
2913: 3rd Succession War
2913: Freedom Defense
3005: Summer Defense
3019: Hesperus Defense
3028: Upgraded to an RCT
3028: 4th Succession War
3028: Gotterdammerung
3039: War of 3039
3039: Freedom Defense 

Member Since
September 8, 2012

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Meredith Perry
Port Moseby
5th BattleMech Battalion, "The Royal Irish"
Battalion Commander
Marshal Harrison Bradford
Melissa Steiner

The Perry family moved to Gibbs when Meredith was a young teenager. His father, having been a senior aerospace engineer for Nashan Shipyards on Alarion, was scouted by Lockheed-CBM of Gibbs and is now working in some undisclosed capacity on various aerospace engineering projects. His pay grade allowed him to put his only son, Meredith, into prestigious schools during his youth. He put it into his son's head that he could go anywhere he wanted when he was old enough to attend college. He later smashed his son's hopes of becoming an aerotech fighter pilot. He couldn't live with the fact that he would feel responsible in some way should he lose his son to some unforseen flaw in ship design.

Meredith eventually graduated primary education and requested that his father allow him to attend the New Avalon Institute of Science, a request his father reluctantly granted. Meredith quickly departed for New Avalon and attended the institute for several years, obtaining a degree in military science and another in engineering. It is no surprise he acceled in aerotech interfaces and controls, but he was particularly good at combined air and ground assault strategy and suprisingly useful as a battlemech lance commander. He eventually grew homesick and left before finishing his program in the institute's battlemech training school. He returned home and continued his own private studies in military history and tactics, while providing sound advice as a consultant for his father's engineering team, lending toward more efficient flight cabin interface designs.


Growing weary of his situation, being so close to aerospace, yet wanting to please his father by keeping his promise, he decided to drop everything and relocate from St Louis to the Lyran Capital, Tharkad, and apply for The Nagelring so he could join the Federated Commonwealth Armed Forces, hopefully skipping the lower ranks and perhaps lead a battlemech lance of his own. He was immediately accepted into the academy and graduated in an accelerated program within two years, obtaining the rank of Hauptmann and being assigned to a 3rd Royal Guards BattleMech battalion.


The 3rd Royals have close ties to the engineering community and their feedback on experimental designs is highly valued by that community. His assignment was not of random nature. The Nagelring new right where to put him with the stipulation that he be an aid to regiment headquarters when his unit is not underway. He was quickly assigned to lance commander, piloting his favored Atlas with a configuration he helped design, one that seems clumsy to anyone else who sets foot in it but exploits his tactical knowledge and his quirkiness.

His regiment went through a change of command and complex restructuring process in late 3049. His battalion was poached, along with most of his lance mates, to the benefit of other 3rd Royal battalions. Being favored by the previous CO and receiving high regard during the change of command ceremony, he was pinned Kommandant and assigned his own battalion, a new 5th BattleMech Battalion, later coined "The Royal Irish," more commonly referred to as the 5th Royal Irish. 


Until the unit is properly filled out, he was granted first pick from incoming graduates and has two of his old lance mates helping to run the battalion office, complete with a small group of administrative officers and enlisted personnel, while he is busy with his aerospace duties. Resigned to the fact that his knowledge in that area is highly valued and the fact that there is nothing he can do about it, he continues to do what he does best. He also provides limited consulting service for his father from time to time, a relationship that helped put 3rd Royal aerospace pilots in experimental fighters.

Alternate Nicknames: Mech games: Starfire, Others: Marticus, Enki
Current Games: I switch around between the following as I have free time: Eve Online, Counter-Strike:GO, Tribes:Ascend, LoL, HoN, Smite, Blacklight:Retribution, Tera Online, SW:TOR
Games Played: Mechwarrior to Mechwarrior 4, MechCommander, Counter-Strike, Descent, Tribes, Unreal Tournament series, Quake series, Starcraft, WoW, and many others. I have been playing battletech and mechwarrior since the mid 90s. I played with Killdare and continued to follow his exploits through various games he adopted into his gaming group.
Employment: I felt it was important to say, unlike some gamers, I do actually work so I can play games and enjoy life. I work for a large media conglomerate as a development operations engineer. I work with web content for a living and also as a hobby. You probably have visited some of our products if you have searched for game reviews or popular television shows. You undoubtedly like many of our iconic TV personalities. I promise you will enjoy at least one of four new shows starting this fall. ^_^