Chain of Command

Archon Prince:

Hans Davion

Melissa Steiner
Marshal of the Armies:

Morgan Hasek-Davion
Head of State Command:

Nondi Steiner
Rank: Field Marshal

"The Pride of Tamar"

Regiment CO:
Harrison Bradford
Rank: Marshal

"The Royal Irish"
5th Battalion CO:

Meredith Perry

Rank: Kommandant
Callsign: Nirgali

Timeline: Notable Events
2913: 3rd Succession War
2913: Freedom Defense
3005: Summer Defense
3019: Hesperus Defense
3028: Upgraded to an RCT
3028: 4th Succession War
3028: Gotterdammerung
3039: War of 3039
3039: Freedom Defense 

Web Site Changes

I've taken some time to add a little more content to the site and change the formatting a bit. It seems to flow better now. Take a look at the left side panel and the RSS and Twitter feeds. We are also listed on the following wiki site.


Our official mwo forums post is here:


Our official mwo forums unit application is here:


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