Chain of Command

Archon Prince:

Hans Davion

Melissa Steiner
Marshal of the Armies:

Morgan Hasek-Davion
Head of State Command:

Nondi Steiner
Rank: Field Marshal

"The Pride of Tamar"

Regiment CO:
Harrison Bradford
Rank: Marshal

"The Royal Irish"
5th Battalion CO:

Meredith Perry

Rank: Kommandant
Callsign: Nirgali

Timeline: Notable Events
2913: 3rd Succession War
2913: Freedom Defense
3005: Summer Defense
3019: Hesperus Defense
3028: Upgraded to an RCT
3028: 4th Succession War
3028: Gotterdammerung
3039: War of 3039
3039: Freedom Defense 

Sep 08, 2039 - Initial Report

The future of our battalion is still very uncertain with the recent changes in personnel. Our change of command gained us a great leader, but also came with a price: the restructuring of the regiment. The 3rd Royals as a whole has improved its efficiency, but our battalion suffered the loss of many good officers and pilots to fill out the other battalions so that they would be more efficient at their current assignments. He was gracious enough to allow our battalion to remain commissioned but he left it up to me and a handful of others to recruit outstanding pilots to fill the void left by his restructuring. I assured him I would not disappoint. He has some plans for us in the near future, but we must become the unit we once were!  We are still scouting outstanding pilots to become what we once were. I will do what I can as I am split between this effort and being an aid to the regiment headquarters.

Meredith Perry, Kommandant

Battalion Commander, 3rd Royal Guards

Posted by: Nirgali at 3:59 pm on September 8th, 2012